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Philodendron Pink Dark Lord

Philodendron Pink Dark Lord

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Philodendron Pink Dark Lord is native to tropical and subtropical forests, the differences with philodendron dark lord are that they have brownish red new leaves and pink on other leaves, also they have dark red stems. 

Disclaimer : Philodendron Pink Dark Lord has its pink color from chemically induced (using chemical compound Ethylene, also by product of Plants Hormones Auxin). Without additional treatment, it will gradually revert back to the original Dark Lord color (approx. 6 month). So to keep its pink color, buyers can give treatment once or twice a month of auxin hormones.

Product Information:

  1. Photos are for reference only. You will get random plants with size and shape similar to the photos.
  2. The Plants are in minimum 2-3 medium size leaves and will be shipped without pots and soil.
  3. We will provide a FREE Phytosanitary Certificate.

Shipping Information

Shipping worldwide from Indonesia with terms & conditions applied based on the country’s regulations of importing live plants using DHL Express. Learn More...

Care Instructions

• Temperature 68-82°F (20-28°C)
• Bright, indirect light
• Water twice a week
• Mixture of perlite, peat & hydrotone soil
• Propagation by stem cutting

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Our plants are of the best quality, we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied and that our plants are true to species, healthy, and looking great upon leaving our nursery and landing at your door. If you are not satisfied with your purchase upon receiving it, we will send you replacement or refund the items purchase price. Learn More...

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