Term and Condition

  1. All transactions in our shop use FCA (Free Carrier) incoterms which means we as seller/ shipper are responsible to supply all the export documents needed to successfully expedite import into the country and destination in that country as well as load/ deliver the package to the shipping carrier.  
  1. Processing time takes around 2 business weeks after we receive the order to obtain the export documents (both export permit and phytosanitary certificate).
  1. According to Indonesia export’s regulations, exporter/seller is required to submit the export permit documents which are a prerequisite for the issuance of Phytosanitary certificates. We provide Free Phytosanitary Certificate to meet legal regulation of international plant shipment.
  1. Each order will go through a laboratory examination process by the Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency depending on the destination country’s importation requirement. There will be additional laboratory examination charges for selected countries which require additional tests using PCR method to meet the destination country regulation (i.e Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Chile).
  1. Estimated normal delivery time takes 2 to 7 days to arrive at the destination using DHL Express/UPS as the international shipping carrier from Indonesia. If the buyer wants to use another shipping carrier or wants to use a specific shipping carrier, please let us know when you drop the order.
  1. We don’t accept cancellation orders after 24 hours since the purchase and/or it has been shipped. If you cancel your order BEFORE the above condition, you will be assessed a 15% cancellation fee.
  1. We don’t accept return or exchange plants after shipment. Plant will be destroyed by Indonesia Customs when returning back to Indonesia.
  1. Seller is responsible for providing the export documents (Phytosanitary Certificate, Invoice, Packing List) as well as inspection in Indonesia. Once the package is shipped, all inspections in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer or consignee.
  1. All forms of taxes and inspection fees (import duties & taxes) in the destination country are fully the responsibility of the buyer to pay through the shipping carrier and we will not take any liability for any problem in regards to the taxes and duties including the result on the unpaid import duties.
  1. Buyer is responsible to understand whether the plants are forbidden or not in their country as well as understand the import requirement (incl. Import Permit, Import Duties and Custom Fees) in their country. The importer must obtain the necessary permits prior to commencement and include such permits with the shipment if it’s required by the destination country’s regulation. We don’t take responsibility for refund/replacement if your package is prohibited/detained/confiscated/destroyed/ returned to shipper by customs in the destination country and if the package is not delivered due to unpaid import duties and custom fees.
  1. Buyer must provide shipping instructions to comply with the regulations of the destination country. If there’s no instructions given to the seller, then we will use the standard regulation and the buyer has no right to complain if a problem occurs.
  1. By purchasing plants overseas, buyers must be aware of the risks that the plant might not be in its best condition when it arrives due to the long transportation process on international shipment and plant state (with or without root). It will take some time (c. 14 days) to recover. As long as the root system is healthy, your plants will grow new buds/leaves by time. It is with the best assumption that the buyer has the knowledge and experience to take care of the plants.
  1. If problems occur during the process, buyers are expected to stay calm and inform us of the details to support@exotropicalaroid.com. We will try our best to help you. All problems including PayPal claims will be resolved by mutual agreement and deliberation.
  1. Unboxing videos and pictures (outer & inner package conditions, detailed plant pictures from roots, stems and leaves one-by-one) at the time the package arrives is a MUST. This can be used as evidence if there is a complaint.
  1. Buyer must understand, shipping duration is dependent on the Custom Clearance process (including inspection and quarantine if required by the destination country’s authority) and delivery schedule of the shipping carrier. In terms of delay, buyer must contact the local shipment carrier’s contact center to monitor the progress. Seller won’t be responsible for the quality of delivery.
  1. Seller is not liable for any loss, damage, death, or injury arising directly or indirectly from any process caused by weather (heat wave, force majeure, cold damage), custom decision (prohibited, detained, confiscated, destroyed, returned to shipper) or shipping process (handling, treatment, and length of time of release). Any delays in shipping due to a prolonged custom clearance process (on hold by custom for further inspection if required) and awaiting delivery schedule of the shipping carrier are not the seller's responsibility too. Buyer agrees to not request any refund or plant replacement or other compensation if above conditions happen.
  1. Buyer can request the actual pictures prior to shipping date after the phytosanitary certificate release by sending us notes when making the order. Without the buyer's request, the seller is not responsible for sending the actual plant pictures that will be shipped. Seller doesn’t accept booking plants prior to the export documents (export permit and phytosanitary certificate) release. 
  1. There is no minimum order limit for retail prices, while there’ll be a minimum 50 pcs order for wholesale prices. 

    19. Disclaimer: due to the many variations in monitors and browsers as well as angles of photography; color variations may appear different on different monitors and the actual size of the plant may also appear different at the time you receive it. By checking the box on the checkout screen you are agreeing that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms. There are no complaints due to color and size variances.